Is it your turn to go for a 'Timmy Run' at the office today? A new web-based Tim Hortons application called TimmyRun is your new best friend. 

Launched today, TimmyRun combines beverage orders for up to 20 people and helps the coffee 'runner' with taking orders and handing them out when they get back.

Available in Canada and the United States at, the website allows users to order and customize Tim Hortons' full beverage menu, as well as access order lists and opt into coffee runs on a mobile device.

"Most of us have taken part in a Timmy Run before, either as a volunteer runner or a recipient," says Glenn Hollis, Vice President of Brand Marketing and Advertising, Tim Hortons.

"The new TimmyRun is just the thing to make coffee runs easier and more convenient.  In fact, it may even encourage more people to step-up and volunteer for a run or surprise their friends or colleagues altogether and brighten their day."

TimmyRun members invite friends to join their group where they can create a profile and customize up to two of their favourite beverages.  Once someone starts a Timmy Run, others in the group are notified with an email and have to opt-in within a specified time-frame. 

Once time runs out, the runner is notified of everyone's orders which are combined into a convenient list along with delivery instructions to make it easier to match up drinks to friends upon return.  The runner can choose to print the list or read the email list from their smart phone.

TimmyRun offers two options: open group and private list.  Through the open group, all members within a group can view, start and send TimmyRun email notifications, making this ideal for those taking turns going on Timmy Runs or for people who are not located close to each other.

Members can alert their group via email about a Timmy Run taking place or surprise their friends with their favourite beverage order.

The private list option stores your friends' favourite beverage orders in one handy list, and since they won't receive email alerts about a Timmy Run taking place, it's the perfect option for delighting them with an unexpected Tim Hortons beverage anytime.

Operating in the quick service segment of the restaurant industry, Tim Hortons appeals to a broad range of consumer tastes, with a menu that includes premium coffee, espresso-based hot and cold specialty drinks.  As of January 1st, 2012, Tim Hortons had 4,014 systemwide restaurants, including 3,295 in Canada, 714 in the United States and five in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

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