Ziggi’s Coffee hits a milestone with the signing of its 30th franchise agreement. Since the launch of its highly touted franchise program in 2016, Ziggi’s Coffee has grown to 17 locations across three states, with 18 more units in development. The latest agreement will bring additional units to Northern Colorado with franchisees Steven and Alysha Norton.

“This is a huge milestone for Ziggi’s,” says Justin Livingston, Vice President of Franchise Development. “What started as a love for quality coffee and a need for convenient, friendly service, has quickly bloomed into a franchise that is not only able to provide an exceptional customer experience, but has also developed a one-of-a-kind franchise program that offers superior support every step of the way.”

Alysha and Steven Norton join others in the Ziggi’s franchise family who have put their faith into the growing company. As longtime Ziggi’s customers, they are confident in their investment and are excited to own a piece of the pie.

“I was a loyal Ziggi’s customer all throughout college,” adds Alysha. “When Steven and I moved to Thornton, we started going to Ziggi’s as a family pretty regularly. It actually became our getaway spot and a weekly tradition with our kids.”

Alysha and Steven had always dreamed about starting a coffee business but franchising wasn’t on their radar until they met a local Ziggi’s franchisee who gushed about the franchise program and everything it had to offer.

“He said the attention to detail with Ziggi’s was unlike anything he’d ever seen,” said Steven. “And he was right. The workflow is all planned out and based on their 15 years of operational excellence. All the operational processes are streamlined and already thought through so, as an owner, we don’t have to recreate any of it from scratch. You just can’t beat it.”

Alysha agrees. “We both know we wouldn’t franchise with any other company because we fell in love with the business model, the culture, the product, and the emphasis on customer experience. The service is always excellent and that’s something we both value greatly.”

Today, Alysha and Steven are turning their love for Ziggi’s Coffee into a business opportunity that will keep their tradition going strong for years to come.

“What I’m excited about is being able to teach our children that you can have a dream and you can accomplish it if you work hard,” says Alysha. “You don’t have to be stuck somewhere; you can shoot for the stars.”

The couple is currently working with the Ziggi’s team to secure a site for the new shop in the Northern Colorado area.

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