In observance of Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Ziggi’s Coffee announced a collaborative effort with their esteemed Chai vendor, CharlieJoe Chai, to make a significant impact in the fight against human trafficking.

On January 11, 2024, Human Trafficking Awareness Day, Ziggi’s will donate $1 from every Chai purchased to CharlieJoe Chai. This contribution aims to fortify CharlieJoe Chai’s ongoing initiatives in supporting organizations dedicated to eradicating human trafficking. 

Founded with a community-first mindset, Ziggi’s consistently makes choices that positively influence the world. Their commitment to doing good is reflected in their partnerships with vendors, ensuring that each Ziggi’s location actively contributes to bettering the community.

CharlieJoe Chai, led by founder Charles Ciepiel, blends delicious Chai with a heartfelt dedication to combating human trafficking. Inspired by a transformative trip to India in 1998, Ciepiel spent nearly two decades perfecting the incredible Chai now available at every Ziggi’s location. His business is aligned with supporting various organizations actively working to end human trafficking.

With every cup of Chai sold, CharlieJoe Chai donates a portion of the proceeds to organizations focused on preventing, rescuing, and restoring children affected by human trafficking. This means that every Chai purchased at Ziggi’s contributes to the same cause.

To date, CharlieJoe Chai has played a vital role in rescuing 90 children from human trafficking, a remarkable achievement made possible through the support of Ziggi’s customers enjoying their diverse range of Chai flavors. Charles Ciepiel expresses gratitude for the progress but emphasizes larger aspirations for the impact CharlieJoe Chai can make.

“I was told early on that I would make $1 million selling Chai, but I don’t want to make $1 million, I want to save 1 million children,” says Charles Ciepiel. “We know that’s a lofty goal, so we are starting with the goal of raising $1 million, and we are already 1/10 of the way there.” 

Ziggi’s invites their communities to join them on January 11th, 2024, in supporting this vital cause by enjoying a cup of Chai. In addition, Ziggi’s encourages their communities to wear blue on this day to help build awareness about human trafficking. Customers can interact with this day by tagging Ziggi’s Coffee and CharlieJoe Chai in their social media content. 

Together, these contributions will make an impact on those lives affected and aid in CharlieJoe Chai’s mission of ending human trafficking. 

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