Ziggi’s Coffee is one business opportunity that is defying the odds, announcing the signing of its 50th franchise agreement and the opening of a new store, milestones that come amid the COVID-19 pandemic and a worsening economy.

The new franchise signing, the first for the company to be done completely virtual, will soon bring additional units to the Denver metro area. With 22 open locations across three states and many more on the horizon, Ziggi’s Coffee is continuing its forward momentum by adapting to the circumstances and charting a new path.

“Completing this deal was a new experience for us all as we figured out how to navigate the dynamics of the current situation,” adds Brandon Knudsen, co-owner and CEO of Ziggi’s Coffee. “Through the utilization of technology such as Zoom meetings and virtual tours, our team was able to maintain a high level of consistency and support throughout the process, giving our clients confidence in their business decision. Despite these trying times, we’re thrilled to be able to continue giving aspiring business owners one of the safest proven paths to success through the Ziggi’s Coffee franchise system.”

Along with the recent signing, the company has also opened a new location in Castle Pines, a decision that has been met with great excitement from the community.

“We’ve seen record breaking sales since opening and our customer-base continues to grow every day,” says Knudsen. “As Americans, we are searching for comfort and community in a time like this and Ziggi’s Coffee is rising to the occasion.”

With built in drive-thru operations at over 90 percent of its locations nationwide, the company and its franchisees have been able to make a quick transition, allowing them to continue serving the communities they are in.

Ziggi’s Coffee has taken measures to ensure the health and safety of all its guests by closing dining areas, wearing masks, and encouraging mobile ordering. With these changes and a continued focus on their community of staff and patrons, the company anticipates continued growth and hopes to be a positive light in these uncertain times.

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