Zoes Kitchen, a fast-casual, Mediterranean-inspired restaurant group, introduced several unique ingredients to their menu, bringing the flavors and benefits of Mediterranean eating to guests via four new menu offerings.

Innovating within the restaurant space, Zoes Kitchen is the first restaurant group to introduce the lupini bean to the United States, adding this protein-packed, mild-flavored legume to their menu across 170 restaurants in 17 states. Farro will also be incorporated in the menu; it is an ancient, savory, fiber-rich grain that is commonly used in place of pasta and rice in the Mediterranean. Calabrian peppers, from Calabria, Italy, will add a slightly sweet and mildly spicy flavor to several dishes. Light and crispy piadina flatbread will offer guests an alternative to traditional breads used for sandwiches in the US.

"I grew up enjoying the benefits of real food that is packed with nutrients and flavor. By bringing these new ingredients and dishes to the menu, I'm confident our guests can eat what they love and love how they feel when they come to Zoes," says Antonio Iocchi, vice president of culinary innovation at Zoes Kitchen.

As of February 16, Zoes Kitchen guests can enjoy these four new menu offerings:

  • Mediterranean Baked Feta: oven-baked French Feta, cherry tomato bruschetta, olive oil, basil, and Calabrian peppers; served with pita chips or fresh cucumbers for a gluten-free, vegetarian option.
  • Live Med Salad: ribbons of raw zucchini and squash, spinach leaves, roasted tomato pesto farro, lupini beans, cherry tomato bruschetta, and Parmesan, dressed with Calabrian pepper vinaigrette.
  • Rosemary Ham & Mozzarella Piadina: rosemary ham (nitrate free), Mozzarella, mixed greens, Calabrian pepper aioli, and lemon vinaigrette.
  • Spinach & Mushroom Piadina: spinach, roasted mushrooms, Mozzarella, house-made Feta spread.
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