The future lies in smart technology. From cleaning the house to ordering food, everything can now be done with the help of smart devices. Among the numerous smart devices available, Android tablets are the most common ones. You can find an Android smartphone or a tablet in almost every household. Not only these tablets have made the communication easier, but are also helping people to perform their regular task with utmost ease and convenience. You can enhance the functionality of use of the Android Smartphones by downloading various apps in them. Each app, whether it is pre-installed on your Android phones or you have downloaded it from the Google’s PlayStore has some particular features and functions to offer.

These apps for the Android tablets are designed to enhance and boost the customer engagement. For example, you want to book a cab to work or want to control the temperature of your room, you can do so with just a few taps on your phone with the help of these apps. The apps for Android Smartphones have specifically helped the food industry. There are apps available on the PlayStore to be downloaded on the Android phones and tablets, which are offering delivery services of food from your favorite restaurant to your doorsteps. Whether it is the lunch break in your workplace and you are too occupied with the work to go out for eat or you are spending a lazy day at home, you can turn to such apps and get the food delivered to your place.

These apps list an array of restaurants for the customers to choose from. Any ongoing promotion, deals or other offers are also listed on the app. Not only have these apps benefitted the food industry, but also the app developers and the consumers. For the app developers, it has resulted in higher customer engagement, which makes it profitable for them. The food points/restaurants are able to serve more customers, and the consumers are happy that they can get the food from their favorite restaurants without having to go out.

With the high customer engagement and popularity of such apps, many restaurants have come up with their own dedicated apps for their consumers. Such an app serves as a platform for the restaurant to connect with the customer. For example, if you are hungry and in no mood to go out and eat food, you can simply order it from the app and get it delivered to your place. Many restaurants are offering discount vouchers for promoting the use of these apps.

To sum it up, it is not only the food industry that is deriving benefits from the higher customer engagement of the Android Tablets apps. The digital technology has taken over the world and this has opened an array of new opportunities for the developers to create apps for the largest platform, Android, in order to boost the customer engagement.

Jeffrey Ulrich is the CEO of Chinavasion Wholesale Ltd., a tech and cool gadgets enthusiast, and creator of the Chinese e-commerce shop in 2004, Shenzhen, China.
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