National Coffee Day arrives September 29, and in honor of the occasion, Yelp compiled new data highlighting the most popular regional coffee brands on its platform. 

The company defined “regional” as concepts with more than 25 locations in fewer than 25 states. The brands were ranked by analyzing the distribution of ratings for reviews mentioning “coffee” from July 2021 to July of this year across all stores. 

The following are Yelp’s top 20 regional coffee brands. 

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Image credits:Ziggi’s Coffe

1. Ziggi’s Coffee 

Image credits:Ziggi’s Coffee

2. Black Rock Coffee Bar

Image credits:Black Rock Coffee Bar

3. The Human Bean 

Image credits:The Human Bean

4. PJ’s Coffee 

Image credits:PJ’s Coffee

5. Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

Image credits:Bad Ass Coffee

6. Blue Bottle Coffee

Image credits:Blue Bottle Coffee

7. Dutch Bros Coffee

Image credits:Dutch Bros Coffee

8. La Colombe Coffee 

Image credits:La Colombe Coffee

9. Aroma Joe’s 

Image credits:Aroma Joe’s

10. Tierra Mia Coffee 

Image credits:Tierra Mia Coffee

11. Bluestone Lane

Image credits:Bluestone Lane

12. Scooter’s Coffee

Image credits:Scooter’s Coffee

13. Gregorys Coffee 

Image credits:Gregorys Coffee

14. 7 Brew Coffee 

Image credits:Seven Brew

15. Philz Coffee 

Image credits:Philz Coffee

16. Port City Java

Image credits:Port City Java

17. Dunn Brothers Coffee

Image credits:Dunn Brothers Coffee

18. Peet’s Coffee

Image credits:Peet’s Coffee

19. Biggby Coffee

Image credits:Biggby Coffee

20. Joe Coffee Company

Image credits:Joe Coffee Company
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