Brand to expand counter-service model and non-traditional footprint.

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The restaurant industry must adapt and innovate to meet the needs of modern consumers. IHOP, a heritage brand, is up for the challenge and is expanding its reach into non-traditional venues and elevating its identity in the process. 

IHOP consistently delivers quality food and innovative menu offerings, a tradition it has maintained for over 65 years. From new prototypes, viral LTOs, a new loyalty program, and enhanced digital experiences for guests, IHOP prides itself on adapting to the evolving industry. 

IHOP is expanding, not only with traditional locations, but also into non-traditional spaces such as airports, college campuses, and travel centers, presenting an opportunity for experienced franchisees passionate about sustaining consistency, adaptability, and growth. “We are offering a smaller counter-service type model for non-traditional venues,” says Jacob Barden, senior vice president of development at IHOP. “Guests will experience the same iHospitality as they do in our traditional restaurants, making them feel welcome whether dining in or ordering food on-the-go.”

Driven by a desire to reach guests on-the-go, this strategic approach to expanding focus on non-traditional venues allows IHOP to cater to diverse consumer preferences. IHOP is equipped to maintain brand consistency and high service quality across all locations. “The build-out of these restaurants would be smaller square footage and would have some of the same branding and design elements as our full-service, sit-down restaurants,” Barden says.

In March 2023, IHOP launched a large evolution to its core menu, which emphasized the brand’s deep commitment to understanding and catering to its customers’ needs. “The core menu revamp was driven by guest research, where we identified what our guests wanted,” Barden says, “Every decision we make is driven by research rooted in customer feedback and current needs. The menu continues to evolve with our guests.” New menu items, such as the limited-time  viral pancake tacos in July 2023, showcased IHOP’s commitment to staying ahead of culinary trends while maintaining its core favorites. 

IHOP franchisees benefit from a wealth of expertise, striving toward the success of new and existing locations. “When you become a franchisee, you gain strong resources, including a focus on operations excellence and on-the-ground support from our field operations, training, and marketing teams,” Barden says. “You become part of our family here at IHOP, learning from fellow franchisees, brand team members, and trusted vendors to help grow and maintain a successful business.”

As part of Dine Brands Global, one of the largest restaurant companies in the United States, IHOP collaborates with Centralized Supply Chain Services, LLC, the exclusive purchasing agent of IHOP. This partnership is designed to allow customers to benefit from an organization dedicated to offering goods and distribution services at low, sustainable delivered prices.

IHOP strategically engages millions of loyal customers through CRM, the loyalty program, mobile app, and email marketing initiatives. Franchisees see off-premise sales generated through, the IHOP app, and delivery platforms.

By catering to diverse consumer preferences and extending its reach beyond traditional locations, IHOP seeks to maintain brand consistency and high service quality with new franchisees. Leveraging its legacy of iHospitality and dedication to menu innovation driven by guest feedback, IHOP continues to evolve while preserving its core favorites, ensuring a memorable dining experience for guests whether dining in or on the go.

To learn more about franchise opportunities with IHOP, visit their website.

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