Tech-savvy software that will replace traditional methods.

Effective communication, streamlined operations, and engaged employees are crucial for success in the quick-service restaurant industry. For Roundhouse, a franchise management company operating nine Little Caesars restaurants across Alabama and Georgia, these factors are not just aspirations but pillars of its business strategy. 

With the help of UPshow SHIFT, a dynamic digital bulletin board, Roundhouse has transformed its employee engagement, reduced turnover, and boosted operational efficiency like never before. “We were grappling with maintaining a cohesive culture across our scattered locations,” says Tony Moyer, president and founder of Roundhouse. “We relied on outdated methods like whiteboards and posters leading to poor communication and wasting valuable time manually updating.”

Implementing UPshow SHIFT screens into the back of house was a smooth process due to its customization options and plug-and-play capabilities. “It feels like it’s ours,” Moyer says. “They used our colors, fonts, and materials, reinforcing brand identity across all locations.”

One of the standout features of UPshow SHIFT for Roundhouse is its ability to set daily task reminders, track performance metrics, and facilitate employee recognition seamlessly. “We wanted to focus on bread sales, so we put the goals on screen and used the leaderboard so employees could track performance,” Moyer says. “It fosters healthy competition among stores and keeps everyone motivated.”

Roundhouse leverages the screens for daily set reminders, ensuring that the BOGO Crazy Bread promotion remains top of mind for all team members. By fostering healthy competition among stores, these updates not only motivate employees but also offer insights into sales and performance trends between different locations.

UPshow SHIFT isn’t just about performance metrics—it’s also about celebrating successes and building a positive culture for employees. Roundhouse uses UPshow SHIFT to showcase staff bios, shoutouts, and real-time recognition of achievements on its digital bulletin board. “Team members love seeing themselves on screen and feeling recognized,” Moyer says. “It keeps them motivated and engaged.”

Rolling out new training programs is also simplified with UPshow SHIFT. “Training program campaigns are launched through an UPshow QR code that tracks employee engagement,” Moyer says. “It’s a game changer for onboarding and continuous learning.” These QR codes allow easy access to training videos and materials, which streamlines the onboarding process for new hires and provides ongoing support for existing staff members.

Roundhouse’s mystery shopper program is also aided by UPshow SHIFT. Aimed at soliciting valuable feedback on operational performance, anonymous evaluators visit stores, objectively assessing various aspects of service quality and customer experience. Reports are displayed in-store, providing real-time feedback to employees. “We want everyone to see what our customers experience,” Moyer says.  “It’s about learning and growing together.”

Through harnessing UPshow SHIFT’s capabilities, Roundhouse has unlocked new levels of progress for its various entities. “Innovation is key to our success,” Moyer says. “Embracing technology like UPshow not only improves our operations but also enriches our employee experience and ultimately, our customers’.”

For more information, visit the UPshow website.

By Drew Filipski

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