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Quick-service brands spend billions of dollars on advertising each year, with national campaigns playing a significant role in building brand awareness and driving sales. However, these campaigns may fall short when it comes to connecting with local franchisees and their diverse markets. Enter Ansira, a marketing technology platform company, that specializes in helping brands find success at both the national and local levels.

Ansira’s end-to-end proprietary technology platform makes it easy for brands to manage, track, and distribute marketing funds to their franchisees to empower a more hyper-local marketing approach. Its media and ad technology also scales budgets and creative to maximize campaigns, creative, and performance at the local level.

“Different franchisee locations serve diverse markets with varying demographics, preferences, and needs,” says Catie Cryder, executive vice president of media at Ansira. “A strategy that works well in one location may not be as effective in another. Once you have a true understanding of your local markets, it opens a world of opportunity for enterprise brands to reach their target audiences effectively.” 

Taking the time to understand the specific needs and characteristics of each market can help brands tailor their marketing efforts in a way that resonates with local customers. Partnering with local influencers or organizations can help brands create authentic connections with these communities, which is key to building trust and loyalty among local customers.   

Ansira’s work with Wendy’s franchisees in Jackson, Mississippi, is a prime example of hyper-local marketing at play. To better connect with the Jackson community, Ansira crafted a media campaign that focused on partnering with local influencers to reach customers in a more authentic way. 

These micro- and nano-influencers highlighted Wendy’s menu items, like their late-night munchies and 2 for $3 breakfast menu. By choosing influencers with different personalities and styles, Wendy’s was able to reach a wide range of audiences within the Jackson community. 

“These types of local media campaigns are a great way to generate engaging and unique content that still aligns with your brand’s national strategy,” says Cryder. “Think about ways you can create different messaging, offers, or even promotions based on local preferences and trends to show these target audiences that you truly know them and their needs.” 

To learn more about how Ansira can enhance your franchisees’ marketing efforts, visit the website today. 

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