Even though SPIN! doesn’t open its restaurants’ doors until 11 a.m., the kitchens at its 15 Midwest locations are bustling in the morning, with a full prep team working on its house-made toppings. “We caramelize onions, make fig marmalade from scratch, and oven-roast toppings like tomatoes, crimini mushrooms, and pineapple,” says Sara Carhart, senior area director. “We pay attention to seasoning and ensure each topping offers its own flavor profile to our pizzas.”

Guests can enjoy these toppings on an Italian-style dough developed by founder Ed Brownell, which is crispy, foldable, and not quite too thin or too thick, or they can grab it on a new cauliflower crust, which Carhart describes as “crispy, chewy, and delicious, all while being gluten-free and an awesome plant-based option.” The cauliflower crust has been a top seller since it was introduced in January.

Once guests sit down after ordering their meal, SPIN! becomes a full-service operation, Carhart says. “Our guests love coming to SPIN! because they can order quickly and get their food quickly, like in other fast-casual concepts, but at SPIN! they can sit down and relax after ordering,” she says.

Like many others, Carhart sees pizza menus trending toward healthier options like whole foods, and catering to food sensitivities and dietary restrictions. But that doesn’t stop the brand from offering dairy-driven indulgences like Italian gelato, available in flavors like White Chocolate Raspberry and Dutch Fudge Cookies and Cream. “We will also bring you our amazing Italian gelato right to your table,” Carhart says.

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