From the award-winning BBQ restaurant chain comes a new campaign: Peace, Love, 4 The Greater Good. The campaign was conceived by the 4R Restaurant Group team to deepen the connection with their community and guests.

An homage to 4 Rivers’ humble beginnings, the campaign reflects the compassion of the restaurant’s heritage. The smokehouse restaurant concept grew from a charity event, where the Rivers’ family and friends hosted a BBQ fundraiser to support a young girl facing a cancer diagnosis.

Through the campaign, 4 Rivers Smokehouse guests will have the opportunity to share their “greater good” on a chalkboard display at each of the fourteen 4 Rivers Smokehouse locations. 

The Peace, Love, 4 The Greater Good campaign was conceived from the desire to explore how the peace and love cultivated within our Smokehouses has a lasting impact with our guests, team members, and community as a whole,” says John Rivers, 4R Restaurant Group Founder/CEO. “Before we launched the campaign to the public, we shared it with team members at the restaurants. The results were astounding – including a restaurant employee sharing ‘4 Second Chances’ – something she attributes to her management team, upon offering her a position with the restaurant. She courageously shared that she was hired despite having a felony record, stemming from former drug addiction. Her honesty and vulnerability inspired our entire team, and we hope this campaign fuels a similar impact among our guests.” 

Rivers noted that the company’s marketing team developed the campaign to include a chalkboard display at each restaurant, where diners will have the opportunity to write about someone or something for which they are grateful. “Our marketing department is incredibly creative,” Rivers said. “They’ve produced this project as an outlet for the community to share their gratitude with each other. In addition to the chalkboard in restaurants, they’ve designed other avenues to share the messaging – magnets and t-shirts – so that the conversation reaches beyond mealtime at 4 Rivers Smokehouse.” 

The campaign also features a robust social media component, inviting the online community to participate, using the hashtag #4RGreaterGood. 

Chief Marketing Officer, Monique Waldrop, anticipates the messaging to vary by person and reflect a broad spectrum of responses. “We envision the blank space that comes after ‘Peace, Love,’ to illustrate a wide range of stories, from a broad demographic of people,” she says. “It essentially serves as a fill-in-the-blank for someone to express something that is important to them – a message we felt needed to be heard.” 

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