Biscuitville’s new SPAMtastic sandwich promises to be an extreme pork-lover’s dream. It will feature SPAM, bacon, sausage, ham, egg and cheese on a fresh, warm biscuit.

SPAM fans have until June 27 to try the SPAMtastic sandwich, along with several additional SPAM breakfast menu items.

Biscuitville’s VP of Culinary Operations Jim McCurley came up with the SPAMtastic concept when he was brainstorming with his team for a biscuit feature that would be both new and familiar.

“SPAM was a natural fit for this delicious, loaded sandwich. Pork shoulder and ham are SPAM’s primary ingredients. Our idea for the SPAMtastic sandwich came from the concept of highlighting each of our pork products on one extreme biscuit. We wanted it to be fun to order and fun to eat,” says McCurley. “We can’t wait for our guests to give the SPAMtastic sandwich a try.”

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