BrightSign, a market leader in digital signage players, announced the BrightSign XD Smart Menu Board, an all-in-one, integrated digital menuboard solution.

Quick-serve, drive-thru, and other restaurants are migrating to digital menu systems, although many proprietors are deterred by technical hurdles, lack of creative resources, and other barriers.

BrightSign aims to address these pain points by delivering an integrated digital menuboard system that simplifies the process of going digital, while simultaneously reducing the cost of implementation.

“Digital menuboards give restaurants a great opportunity to influence customers at the point of purchase,” says Jeff Hastings, BrightSign’s CEO. “By packing all the necessary components into an affordable, easy-to-implement solution, our new XD Smart Menu Board is the perfect solution for any restaurant that’s resisted the urge to go digital due to the cost and complexity associated with other less-than-elegant digital menuboard offerings.”

BrightSign’s XD Smart Menu Board is a solution for restaurants that want to freshen their look, enrich their menu content, and more effectively engage and influence customers at the point of purchase.

In addition, digital menuboards are quickly becoming a necessity, as restaurants adapt to new regulations dictated by the Federal Menu Labeling Law that require calorie count and other nutritional information be disclosed on the menu.

Features of the XD Smart Menu Board include: full HD, commercial-grade LG display, available in 42- or 47-inch configurations; BrightSign XD digital signage media player professionally mounted on the display; free BrightSign App to make content updates via iPhone/iPad; and content templates developed with HTML 5 and tailored to the restaurant’s brand.

BrightSign is partnering with Red Dot Digital Media to offer customers attractive templates that are easily adapted to match the company’s brand and restaurant motif. The restaurant supplies Red Dot with logos and other corporate ID assets, and Red Dot creates a customized, branded menu system. Once deployed, the restaurant can update menu content via the BrightSign App on iPhone/iPad