Wanted to get in touch to let you know about a super elevated partnership about to debut in honor of 4/20. Iconic burger chain Fatburger and Kiva Confections, a market leader in cannabis edibles, are rolling up a limited-edition cannabis-infused Ketchup.

Containing 10mg of THC, the first-of-its-kind ketchup makes the perfect pairing for Fatburger’s famous made-to-order burgers and of course Fat or Skinny Fries. The Kiva x Fatburger Ketchup will be available beginning April 6 at participating Artist Tree and Sweet Flower Los Angeles cannabis dispensary locations.

Further, Fatburger will also be offering green-friendly deals to cure the munchies. Starting April 1, guests who order online through Fatburger.com during the month of April will receive a free shake on their next online order. On 4/20, the Original Fatburger will take the spotlight with customers receiving the classic burger for $4.20, a deal exclusively available for guests ordering online through Fatburger.com for the day.

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