Hale and Hearty, New York City's premiere gourmet restaurant lunch chain, announces its partnership with City Harvest, the world's first food rescue organization, for their Donate Your Bean & Green soup drive. 

During the month of February, guests at the 25 Hale and Hearty locations in NYC and Brooklyn will be able to help fight hunger by donating their fully-stamped Bean and Green loyalty cards to City Harvest, and in turn Hale and Hearty will match their guests' donations. 

The soup drive supports City Harvest's efforts to meet the rising need for food at soup kitchens and food pantries in the five boroughs of New York City.

The Donate Your Bean & Green soup drive encourages guests to donate their fully stamped loyalty card instead of redeeming it for a free soup or salad. Each donated loyalty card gives 12 ounces of soup to City Harvest, and at the end of the drive, after Feb. 29, Hale and Hearty will match their guests' donations.

Progress of the soup drive donations can be found at www.donatebeanandgreen.com as well as Hale & Hearty's Facebook page. 

Although Hale and Hearty has had a longstanding partnership with City Harvest, the Donate Your Bean & Green program marks its first ever in-house charity drive. 

At the end of the program, Hale and Hearty hopes to donate more than 33,000 ounces of soup to the charity organization.

"Hale and Hearty as a company has always been involved in philanthropic activities; however, this year we really wanted to get our guests involved," says CEO Simon Jacobs. 

"Donate Your Bean & Green is just like a soup drive, but without the cans and with New York's best soup! We're really excited to be partnering not only with a wonderful charity (City Harvest), but with our dedicated guests as well."

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