HM Electronics, Inc. is proud to introduce its new ION IQ belt-pac for drive-thru. The smallest belt-pac on the market today, it features new sound enhancement technologies, greater durability, and expanded coverage.

Test stores drawn from major quick-service chains gave the ION IQ belt-pac a 93 percent approval rating under busy, real world conditions. Managers and employees were quick to rave about its high-impact resistance case, superior sound quality, impressive range, and user-friendly design.

The ION IQ belt-pac features an enhanced radio transmitter improving radio sensitivity to deliver even better clarity to customers in the drive-thru. Along with extending the range capabilities to up to 30-50 percent, the belt-pac is ideal for outside order taking during peak service hours.

The super compact ergonomic belt-pac is small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand. It’s also tough. The belt-pac is built with a Xylex case to protect it when dropped and bumped; completely sealed buttons; and an embedded cord connector, all of which make it extremely durable and reliable.

“This is the ultimate package,” says Daren Haas, VP of Marketing and New Business Development. “The new Ion IQ belt-pac is super small, super comfortable, and super reliable, with incredibly clear sound.“

The new ION IQ belt-pac and recently released all-in-one headset, work with the new ION IQ base stations, along with existing Wireless IQ base stations.

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