Krystal, the original quick-service restaurant chain in the South, recently launched a new franchise website to further attract partners and continue their aggressive growth plans. The site was developed by Hot Dish, the leading full-service, Franfocused and BrandFocused ad agency. The new site was built to support a lead conversion strategy and a speed to market approach.

“Krystal has a goal of reaching 500 units in the next few years and our franchise partners play a vital role in this endeavor. We’re continually developing ways to better support our partners and to ensure our shared growth and success,” says Casey Terrell, Chief Marketing Officer for Krystal Restaurants LLC. “With its more than 90-year history, Krystal has stood the test of time and is a proven concept that offers partners a winning business model. In addition to our legacy that is backed by our unique and highly craveable menu, we offer partners flexible store designs that fit their markets and extensive support from onboarding to opening and beyond to help them achieve their goals.”

The new franchise website comes on the heels of recent franchise deals that Krystal has inked with popular celebrities in music, media, and sports, as well as a notable multi-unit deal with seasoned restaurant professional Argus Wiley and his Red Door Foods. The Wiley deal includes the purchase of 21 existing Krystal restaurants and a development deal for 15 new locations. Krystal also recently expanded internationally with the opening of their first Puerto Rico location.

Krystal also recently opened a new U.S. location that boasts the brand’s latest restaurant prototype and has been breaking record sales. The new design combines a sleek contemporary interior and exterior with interactive lighting that caters to consumers’ on-the-go dining desires. Design elements also include “grab and go” pickup and takeout, as well as more prominent and more efficient drive-thrus. The prototype features a smaller footprint with a more streamlined kitchen and enhanced brand identity through soft and hardscape design elements. Krystal developed the prototype with a focus on increasing efficiencies for better serving guests while enabling franchise partners to maximize their investment.

“We have demonstrated that we have the build, we have the numbers, plus we have celebrity believers, so now is the time to expand brand evangelism through top tier franchisees,” adds Terrell.

To further connect with potential franchise partners, Krystal will be attending this year’s Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in Las Vegas. The 2023 event is scheduled for April 25-28.

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