Logic Controls, A Bematech Company, a leading manufacturer of kitchen display systems, all-in-one systems, retail hardened computers, and POS peripherals, has finalized an agreement with ElectroMenu LLC, a leading designer of embedded, real mode, and interactive applications for the foodservice industry. Through this agreement, Logic Controls/Bematech will ship the LC8700 embedded with ElectroMenu’s OS and application software to offer a complete electronic menuboard system solution.

The EMB (electronic menuboard) product is designed to replace traditional wooden, plastic, or cardboard menu boards with electronic high resolution LCD or LED displays. The solution can be connected to any standard monitor that has a VGA/PC input. A user-friendly set of design tools are embedded into the product so the user can create unique and attractive menu displays  in minutes. Extensive menus, daily specials, and new offers will be perfectly displayed in a sophisticated way. Prices, products, or even entire layouts may be changed in seconds with the click of a mouse.

Furthermore, ElectroMenu helps business owners eliminate the time-consuming and costly process of changing menuboards. This system is controlled directly by the user and is entirely self contained, making it the easiest electronic menuboard to use on the market. Once it is purchased there are no ongoing fees for its use or charges associated with technical support. Designed for both foodservice and retail food industries, this solution is great for both single and multiple store locations. Any business can take advantage of the upselling opportunities presented with digital menuboards, as well as have a system that is easy to use and implement. It is designed to connect hundreds of store locations using a unique “pull” strategy. This non-windows, crash proof application offers customers a completely secure product with no router programming necessary at store level.

“We had three major considerations in the design of the EMB: ease of use, security, and reliability,” says Mark Evans, founder and CEO of ElectroMenu LLC. “The Logic Controls/Bematech LC8700 gives us the reliability we were looking for and allows us to offer an elegantly simple product. Through our agreement with Logic Controls/Bematech, we are now able to sell, install, and service ElectroMenu products worldwide."

The design of Logic Controls/Bematech’s LC8700 is ideal for the ElectroMenu board solution. The Logic Controls/Bematech LC8700 provides a fanless and ventless unit, ideal for harsh environments with high levels of dust or oil, or when fan noise is not desirable. Two mounting tabs enable these modules to be mounted on a wall, ceiling, table top, or under a counter. The small foot print of the LC8700 allows the module to virtually fit into any environment. The module is completely solid and has no moving parts for ultimate reliability with no possibility of a hard drive failure.

“For over two decades, Logic Controls has been a pioneer in producing solutions that redefine consumer experience at the point of sale,” says Wladimir Alvarez, president of Logic Controls, A Bematech Company. “This agreement reaffirms our commitment to offering the channel cutting-edge solutions for the hospitality and supermarket industry.”

The bundled solution is ideal for a variety of environments including restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, casinos, educational campuses, corporate environments, and convenience stores. ElectroMenu will attract customers with eye-catching, powerful images that can be updated as often as the operator desires to ensure unique customer experiences upon each visit. The ElectroMenu will entertain, inform, and reduce perceived waiting time with its bright, vivid colors, and 3-D image effects. The use of ElectroMenu has been proven to increase walk-in purchases by 10 percent or more. The ElectroMenu system provides any business a mini makeover without the expense of a full remodel.

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