The National Restaurant Association (NRA) is calling on restaurant operators to participate in an online survey regarding how much unused food is donated, composted, or sent to landfills and other waste disposal facilities. The information gathered will be used to help develop new ways to reduce food waste in the industry.

“Food sent to a landfill represents lost opportunities to improve management efficiencies, to reduce operating costs, to feed the hungry, to recover valuable resources, and to realize other benefits,” says Laura Abshire, the NRA’s director of sustainability policy and government affairs. “To help reverse this pattern, the National Restaurant Association, in partnership with the Grocery Manufacturers Association and Food Marketing Institute, are exploring ways to address the issue. But we need help from restaurateurs who can provide us with their first-hand knowledge about food waste in our industry.”

The NRA has teamed up with the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Marketing Institute to form the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, which is focused on achieving three primary goals: reduce the amount of food waste generated, increase the amount of safe, nutritious food donated to those in need, and recycle unavoidable food waste, thus diverting it away from landfills.

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