PDQ Restaurants, the renowned fast-casual chain famous for its fresh and flavorful chicken tenders across 62 locations, has announced their partnership with Flybuy, the industry-leading location technology platform, to power their in-store and curbside pickup program. In response to the growing demand for pickup service, PDQ implemented Flybuy technology brand-wide to streamline operations and provide customers with an exceptional experience.

The Flybuy platform is fully integrated with Olo Ordering, Rails, and Dispatch, and provides PDQ staff with full visibility into guests and delivery drivers ETA, journey, and arrivals in real-time as they approach the restaurant, ensuring that staff can prioritize, prepare and hand-off orders quickly and efficiently.

PDQ optimizes its Olo Dispatch and Rails delivery service provider (DSP) operations with Flybuy, providing PDQ staff with full visibility of incoming delivery drivers, providing a fast and efficient order handoff regardless if the order was placed on a third party marketplace or their own direct channels. Reducing delivery driver wait times has been a top priority for PDQ, as they want to provide end customers with a hot, fresh meal, as if they were dining in the restaurant.

In addition to Olo integrations, PDQ has integrated Flybuy technology with the My PDQ Mobile App, delivering a completely frictionless experience to guests, no matter how they choose to dine. The streamlined operation provides clear instructions to guests, allowing them to communicate with the restaurant and enjoy fast service. This creates a loyal customer base that returns to PDQ again and again.

Flybuy is a game-changer for PDQ team members, providing them with a powerful tool to prioritize order preparation based on exact arrival times and manage dine-in, takeout, and delivery orders. The Flybuy dashboard offers staff members location updates, ETAs, and arrival notifications for incoming customers and delivery drivers, ensuring that orders are prepared quickly and efficiently. Additionally, team members are provided with information about the pickup method (in-store, curbside, drive-thru), the customer’s name and vehicle information, tags for easily forgotten items like “drinks” and “shakes,” and any special items that require additional prep time. With this information, team members can have the orders ready and waiting for an immediate handoff, providing a hot and fresh meal to guests.

“We are thrilled to partner with Flybuy, whose innovative platform has brought our off-premise business to the next level,” says Ken Bott, Head of Digital for PDQ. “Their technology enables us to manage our orders efficiently, reduce wait times, ensure food freshness, and ultimately provide our guests with an exceptional experience that leads to increased customer satisfaction.”

“Our partnership with PDQ Restaurants is an exciting opportunity for Flybuy to showcase our cutting edge location technology platform and help them drive top-line revenue,” says Marc Wallace, CEO of Flybuy. “Our technology offers a streamlined pickup solution that creates loyal customers and saves restaurants money by reducing remakes, refunds, and order errors. With Flybuy, PDQ can take its customer experience to the next level and drive revenue through repeat business.”

PDQ’s pickup program powered by Flybuy is now available at all of their locations nationwide, except for the PDQ Test Kitchen, airport, arena or stadium locations.

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