Campero USA today announced an exciting new tenant /landlord relationship with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. This U.S. division of Pollo Campero, the largest Latin American chicken restaurant chain, is eager to please millions of Wal-Mart customers with Pollo Campero restaurants beginning in 2008.

Wal-Mart’s ongoing commitment to the Latin American community is exhibited by this new relationship with Campero. The retail giant has an increasing Latin American customer base in many of its stores around the country.

“Our customers today come from many different backgrounds and all walks of life. Many are Latin American, and they are among our fastest-growing markets,” said Gisel Ruiz, vice president and regional general manager, Wal-Mart Stores, U.S. “It stands to reason that our offerings reflect the needs of the communities we serve. We know Pollo Campero will add value to Wal-Mart with its premium Latin American restaurant brand.”

Pollo Campero has launched an aggressive U.S. expansion after more than 35 extremely successful years in Latin America, and quickly established a firm foothold in the incredibly competitive U.S. chicken industry. Campero now has more than 260 restaurants in 11 countries and three continents. Its goal is to open 500 units in the United States by 2012. The relationship with Wal-Mart will assist in this endeavor.

With America’s increasing appetite and demand for flavorful food, uncompromising quality and exceptional service, Pollo Campero is thriving in a market where fried chicken has been a staple of so many diets for years.

“Pollo Campero is not your typical food chain. It is a familial gathering place, and we are energized about our new relationship with Wal-Mart, America’s favorite family store,” said Denegri.

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