Project Juice, the West Coast’s rapidly growing certified organic, cold-pressed juice and clean food company has launched the Clean Kit—a $59-per-day pack of plant-powered foods, potent wellness shots, superfood snacks, and cold-pressed juices, customizable to fit any lifestyle. The Clean Kit is available for purchase in-store only at Project Juice locations throughout the Bay Area (and Southern California).

With sample menus, including Detox, Low-Glycemic, and Active Lifestyle available as guides, customers can pack a personalized, recommended day’s worth of certified organic, cold-pressed juices, wellness shots, superfood snacks, and plant-powered grab-and-go meals into the Clean Kit. All of the menu items are vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free, making it simple for customers to plan a day of healthy meals to fit their own tastes buds and nutritional needs.

"Project Juice has built the Clean Kit centered on our organic cold-pressed juices and plant-based grab-and-go meals, allowing you to reset your health while nourishing your body,” says Sascha Weiss, director of product development. “Our juices are pressed to extract juice from fruit and vegetables with no additional heat or oxygen used in the process, meaning that no nutrients are lost. Our plant-based meals change seasonally and are rich in protein, vegetables and complex carbohydrates, providing exciting flavors and nutrient combinations to help you feel energized, revitalized and fully satisfied."

The Clean Kit includes:

  • Three certified organic, cold-pressed juices (limit 1 Nut Mylk or Shake only)
  • Two plant-powered grab-and-go meals
  • Two 2-ounce wellness shots
  • One superfood snack (Sprouted Almonds or Sprouted Almond Superfood Trail Mix)

Depending on the individual needs of customers, the Clean Kit may help increase energy levels, improve digestion, detox, elevate their mood, boost mental clarity, reduce inflammation, decrease body fat, and increase a sense of well-being.

The Clean Kit is available at Bay Area, Orange County, and San Diego Project Juice locations. The kit is subject to availability and there are no substitutions.

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