Roy Rogers is expanding its menu offerings for a limited time to feature a new burger. The Sourdough Bacon Cheeseburger is a quarter-pound burger with garlic aioli sauce, Smithfield bacon and Monterey Jack cheese on toasted sourdough.

“When looking at the evolution of our menu at Roy Rogers, you can see we continue to prioritize the growing wants and needs of our Royalists through an innovative limited time offer program,” says Adam Klaers, Executive Vice President at Roy Rogers. “The Sourdough Bacon Cheeseburger is a classic burger with a unique twist that we know our guests will love.”

The restaurant will also bring back the fan favorite Onion Rings side as a perfect accompaniment to the new Sourdough Bacon Cheeseburger. The popular Mint Chip Shake with creamy mint chocolate chip ice cream and pure semi-sweet chocolate chips will also continue to stay on the menu along with the delicious French toast sticks, due to popular demand.

“Our high-quality ingredients and menu diversity are just a couple of the ways we aim to please a wide range of customers,” adds Klaers. “With the continuation of some of our additional limited time items, we’re sure to have Royalists coming back for more.”

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