NCR Corporation announced that Shake Shack has implemented the NCR Pulse Real-Time smartphone application, joining the 5,500 others already using the app.

Available for iOS and Android devices, NCR Pulse Real-Time is a SaaS-based mobile analytics engine that helps restaurant operators solve the everyday challenges of low visibility into current operational performance, lack of predictable data, and inability to be in several places simultaneously.

The application delivers up-to-the-second performance metrics and notifications directly to a user’s smartphone. Operational data is segmented for quick, easy review, such as voids and comps, net sales by hour, employee performance, and overtime alerts.

“NCR Pulse Real-Time is a great tool. It gives you information that you can use right now to improve your results for the rest of the day,” says Giancarlo Fiorarancio, director of information systems, Shake Shack.

The brand leverages the tool to not only review real-time sales data, but also to manage labor costs in real time. In addition, it monitors voids and comps, which could indicate an operational issue, such as cashiers potentially needing additional training.

Integrated with NCR restaurant point-of-sale (POS) platforms, NCR Pulse Real-Time allows users to instantly see every important data element about their business regardless of where they are.

This application also allows the user to view the guest check of a customer that just sat down or paid their bill. Users will be able to take this data and make real-time decisions that will directly impact their bottom line.

“Restaurant operators work long hours, and the last thing they want to do is sift through multiple reports and spreadsheets to try and manage their businesses,” says Kim Eaton, senior vice president and general manager of NCR Hospitality. “NCR Pulse Real-Time’s artificial intelligence engine analyzes operational data and gives operators details about their restaurant that can’t be found anywhere else.”

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