Keurig Green Mountain and Subway announced a partnership to bring Keurig’s single serve brewers to thousands of the Subway’s North American locations.

Currently, more than half of the Subway restaurants in the United States and Canada have adopted a Keurig system.

“Keurig brewers offer quality and convenience, which are key advantages as Subway restaurants look to provide customers with a consistently high-quality cup of coffee brewed fresh no matter the time of day – not just at breakfast,” says John Whoriskey, president, U.S. Sales and Marketing of Keurig. “Keurig brewers help Subway franchisees simplify operations by eliminating the need for separate brewing of regular, decaffeinated, and flavored coffee, reducing waste and clean-up of unconsumed coffee.”

“Since introducing Keurig brewers as an option to our franchisees last year, we’ve heard overwhelmingly positive feedback about Keurig’s ability to delivery variety, quality, and freshness on demand,” says David Zambory, the beverage manager for the Subway restaurant chain. “Subway restaurants are a destination throughout the day, including at breakfast, and we look forward to providing our customers with the freshest cup of coffee possible no matter when they visit us.”

The Keurig K150 Series Commercial Brewing System is the first small to medium capacity Keurig brewer to be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for foodservice use, marking Keurig’s continued commitment to expanding availability of Keurig brewing simplicity.

“Until now, innovation in brewed beverages for quick serve restaurants has been focused on high volume applications and longer brewed coffee holding times,” Whoriskey says. “This has left the majority of operators, who want to serve delicious brewed beverages, far behind. Keurig is changing the way Subway restaurants are thinking about brewed beverages by delivering a fresh brewed, delicious beverage at all times during the day to consumers who recognize Keurig as a symbol of quality.”

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