Ever wish you could use your Whataburger rewards to get a hot, fresh Whataburger or made-to-order Spicy Chicken Sandwich? How about an All-Time Favorite?

Fans asked, and Whataburger answered with a new points-based rewards program that lets guests redeem rewards to get just about everything on the menu – not just the handful of items that could be redeemed in the old program. With the new program, customers earn 10 points for every $1 they spend. That’s more rewards per dollars spent, on average, than in the visit-based program it replaced.

Rewards and visits that customers had earned in the previous program were automatically converted to points, and 500 points were added to all three million active Whataburger rewards accounts.

“The top requests we heard from rewards customers were to give them rewards aligned with how much they purchase and to let them get their favorite menu items with the rewards they earn,” says Rich Scheffler, Whataburger Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “The new Whataburger rewards program does just that – it gives them more.”

The new app works just like the old one. You can you skip the line and order ahead or scan your barcode at the register to earn rewards. Redeeming rewards is as easy as tapping rewards in the app and selecting items.

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