Wienerschnitzel, the world’s largest hot dog franchise, announced its latest development initiative, this time with a newly introduced ghost kitchen model. Officially launching on May 2nd in three states across the country, the initiative will act as a trial run to understand demand in key market segments nationwide, while simultaneously bringing the brand’s products closer to new audiences.
Set to open in Santa Barbara, California, Frisco, Texas and Smyrna, Georgia, the ghost kitchens will make Wienerschnitzel available to guests who would otherwise not have access to the fan-favorite hot dog concept. All three locations will provide valued insight into how potential Wienerschnitzel locations would perform in the market. With California and Texas, Wienerschnitzel has several locations open throughout the state, yet the brand is aiming to learn more about how the concept performs in markets that are nearby current trading areas. Smyrna, Georgia, is unique in that the nearest Wienerschnitzel location is over 500 miles away. This particular ghost kitchen will give Wienerschnitzel insight into how brand awareness and loyalty translate across key markets in the Southern United States.
Likewise, the new ghost kitchen model puts Wienerschnitzel on a continued track of innovation and serves as a new path for the brand’s global expansion. The hot dog concept has put a stark emphasis on new growth, with this announcement following the launch of an AI automated ordering process in select California locations.
“We are thrilled to finally bring our iconic flavors into new communities who haven’t had this opportunity before,” states Doug Koegeboehn, Chief Marketing Officer for Galardi Group, the parent company for Wienerschnitzel. “For years, people in these markets have begged us to open Wienerschnitzel locations in their cities. With this ghost kitchen initiative, we’re thrilled to be able to deliver directly to them. If sales at these test kitchens are even a fraction of our average delivery sales, it will be a huge success – and I’m confident that will be the case.”
Wienerschnitzel reports that there is the potential to open over 1,000 ghost kitchens nationwide. In these three specific markets, the Wienerschnitzel menu will be available to nearby residents through all major third-party delivery sites.

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