Industry News

The funds from Inventages will help Organic To Go weather the economic storm.
The brand credits its new Amigo Pizza with boosting sales.
The chain will celebrate the opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and gift card giveaways.
As a top sponsor for next year's Winter Olympics, McDonald's Canada will launch several programs to promote the games.
The pizza chain need look no further than to its corporate employee pool when seeking franchisees.
The American Heart Association rejects claims that omega-6 fatty acids cause heart disease.
Special rate for annual leadership development conference available until March 15.
The chain's new Crispy Country Chicken menu centers on breaded—and baked--chicken breast.
A leading industry expert outlines how Starbucks has made the industry better and why brands should want that to continue.
The Culinary Institute of America is teaming up to develop no-fuss gourmet recipes.
Big shots and big donations at the Dean E. Smith Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
The chain was a big winner with half of its locations breaking their all-time weekly sales records.
Berry Chill is one of many quick-serves taking advantage of the lovers holiday.
The nationwide frozen yogurt company is marketing a special happy hour offer between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. every day.
First in Dallas and New Orleans, now "Drank" helps ATLiens slow their roll.
Company CFO, John Stewart, will leave the board of directors and Mike Weinstein will join.