These high-tech signage solutions will light up your dining room and your drive thru.

Digital signs are no longer a high-tech luxury, but are now an integral part of the quick-service restaurant industry. No longer simply about displaying food, digital signs are engaging guests like never before. Digital displays can light up both the dining room and the drive thru with eye-catching graphics and customer engagement content.

From menuboards to standalone kiosks, digital displays improve efficiency and sales and offer a great return on investment. These signs also improve restaurant life by making the ordering process easier for customers and wait staff while making signage changes for limited time offers and dayparts simpler.

These digital signage resources can help you capture sales, improve guest retention, and make restaurants more productive.

NEC Display

1. NEC Display

NEC Display’s new V-Series lineup combines commercial-grade reliability, modern design, and modular expandability. Designed with integrated temperature sensors and cooling fans as well as an anti-reflective 500 cd/m2 panel, the V-Series is suitable for quick-service customers who need professional quality with clear and concise messaging. The V-Series also features the ability to integrate a Raspberry Pi module for powerful, open-source computing. “Our new V-Series offers endless possibilities with the most advanced connectivity and modular expansion options available on the market today,” says Kevin Christopherson, director of product marketing at NEC Display.


2. Advantech

In the past decade, quick-service restaurants have taken advantage of new technology available to them, such as digital menuboards and self-order kiosks. Advantech’s digital menu board can play video and present a vivid picture of the food, which attracts customers and increases product promotion and revenue. “While static/paper menu boards have to be changed periodically for wear-and-tear, new items added or even price changes, we have found the digital menuboards make it easy for quick-service owners to make all these changes with little to no expense to them,” says Jason Zhang, product manager of Advantech Corporation.



SICOM Digital Menu Boards bring together bold, animated graphics, suggestive selling, and seamless integration to transform the guest experience, improve the efficiency of content management, and grow restaurant sales. As a truly scalable, enterprise-wide solution with round-the-clock support, SICOM Digital Menu Boards integrate with your POS system to simultaneously update specials, promotions and pricing—ensuring consistency and maximizing revenue across all restaurant locations. Singularly focused on serving the unique needs of quick-service establishments, SICOM has a proven track record of assisting leading brands, franchises and restaurants around the world in successfully bringing their menus to life.


4. Allure

Allure, a Christie Company, is an enterprise digital signage software provider featuring a full suite of planning, content and creative, analytics, and project deployment capabilities and services. As a pioneer in Data-Driven Design—an exclusive process ensuring digital menus, retail merchandisers, video walls, and more engage viewers and influence decision-making to drive purchase behavior, Allure is an established leader in activating brands, environments, and experiences digitally. In addition to its pre-launch services and solutions, ongoing support services and tools are focused on maximizing return-on-investment for digital signage clients in food and beverage, theatres, stadiums and arenas, theme parks, supermarkets, and other retail environments.

Keyser & SIS

5. Keyser & SIS

Keyser and SIS, two powerhouses in digital media, combined forces to bring FLEX, the flexible signage solution, to the quick-service market. It’s patent-pending outdoor IP56­–certified modular design is the world’s first technology-agnostic signage solution. FLEX can easily be tied into existing systems or integrated with any number of hardware and software solutions. Offered with High Bright LCDs and ranging from 46” through 75” in size from almost any leading LCD manufacturer, FLEX can be configured in 1×1, 1×2, or 1×3 screen configurations with minimal install, service, or downtime ensuring your move to digital is easy.


6. GDS

Reliable, bright, intelligent—these are the hallmarks of GDS Outdoor LCD Displays. With the largest installation of outdoor drive-thru displays in the U.S. with over 3,000 displays deployed at Starbucks, GDS has the best and brightest displays that can withstand any harsh outdoor conditions. Our displays can be easily seen in direct sunlight and can provide detailed information on its health and well-being, ensuring you are providing your customers with the best digital experience. GDS manufactures outdoor displays to the most rigorous standards so there is one less thing to worry about when deploying digital in the drive thru..

Everbrite Digital Solution

7. Everbrite Digital Solutions

Everbrite cost-effectively applies innovation, technology, and experience to allow your brand to succeed in today’s competitive digital marketplace. We proudly provide world-class solutions for digital display systems and exterior digital menu system applications. Everbrite can create your total digital system, including hardware, software, content creation, management, distribution, installation, project management, and 24/7/365 customer service support. For well over a decade, we have been manufacturing and installing digital signage solutions to leading international companies, organizations, and institutions to provide a better guest experience. We have the knowledge and skills to ensure all of your digital needs meet or exceed your expectations.


8. Peerless-AV

Peerless-AV’s Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Menu Boards and self-serve kiosks are reliable and customizable, ensuring solutions are tailored to meet customer needs. “A business that efficiently provides information and service will prosper in today’s digitally focused landscape,” says Brian McClimans, Vice President of Global Business Development, Peerless-AV. “For QSRs, in particular, menu information needs to be easily accessible and up to date. Implementing self-serve solutions and digital displays enable instant service at the customer’s request.”

With so many benefits, digital displays are becoming a vital part of the quick-service industry and promise to only continue growing in popularity and power. Finding a great vendor partner can help make your business more profitable and agile in today’s rapidly changing restaurant market.

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