Wholesome ingredients and artisan flavors give Picklemans a strong positioning within the quick-service industry.

When asking Founder and CEO, Doug Stritzel, why he started Pickleman’s, he said “In the beginning, I started Pickleman’s to provide a pathway for people into entrepreneurship that could allow them to have their ideal lifestyle by supporting their family and controlling their own destiny.”

This fast-casual sandwich brand applies a system of operational procedures and techniques that have proven effective at serving its patrons a consistent and quality product efficiently. The brand operates on a belief that it has a responsibility to its customers by providing higher quality and healthier food. “It’s an artisan approach that allows us to eliminate a lot of the unnecessary chemicals and processed foods commonly found within the industry,” Stritzel says.

As of July 2023, the Midwestern franchise has 29 franchised locations, boasting a same store sales growth of 14.57 percent in 2022 over 2021, resulting in an average unit volume of $1.44 million in 2022. Pickleman’s Franchising has three multi-unit deals with existing franchisees in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Indiana, and Texas.


Made-to-order cleaner food

Assembly line high-volume potential

2022 ANNUAL REVENUE: $1,442,391

2022 SAME-STORE SALES GROWTH: 14.57 percent

The brand is in search of entrepreneurs with a history of success, and not necessarily only in the restaurant industry. Stritzel says he looks for a history of “excellence and leadership” in a potential franchisee, as these types of people typically work hard and outperform their peers. Pickleman’s is currently targeting opportunities throughout the Midwest and Southern Belt, from Texas to Georgia.

The brand leads the class by serving No Antibiotics Ever chicken and pulled pork—staking its claim as the first national quick-service sandwich brand to commit to sourcing chicken and pulled pork with this USDA-enforced label. Pickleman’s prides itself on the rigorously high quality of its ingredients and continuously works toward creating healthier and safer food choices.

Pickleman’s has a simple process for operating, yet a robust menu offering that allows plenty of options for all lifestyles. “Our artisan approach is apparent as most of the products we serve are unique to our brand,” Stritzel says. “Daily, we make our salad dressings, chicken salad, and cookies from scratch in-house. Our bread and tomato basil bisque are our own proprietary recipes. Our meats, cheeses, and produce are sliced daily at each location to provide the freshest and highest quality products.”

In April 2023, Pickleman’s also an-nounced the opening of its fourth drive-thru location, located in the Kansas City metro area. With an assembly line process and throughput and more drive-thru locations, Pickleman’s is positioned to become a powerhouse brand. “We make everything to order; the flow and the timeliness of the process is exceptional,” Stritzel says. “Everything that we make is on a production line that flows to the point of purchase.”

As Pickleman’s continues to grow, the values remain the same, treating everything with respect—including employees, customers, and its business partners. Stritzel says “We look for win-win, sustainable agreements and relationships for all parties involved.”

To learn more, visit picklemansfranchising.com.

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