From order to pour, any employee can create specialty beverages in 20 seconds.

Restaurants often focus the bulk of their culinary efforts on creating distinctive food selections. Yet while many operators know beverages offer better margins than food products, unique house-made beverages can also provide an easy way to increase menu diversity and guest satisfaction, as well as to drive sales.

“Craft beverages allow operators to provide elevated offerings to their guests to improve the experience, as well as open a new revenue stream,” says Sean Hsu, CEO of Botrista. “With decreasing soda sales, brands can provide additional options to guests. Specialty beverages that feature functional or healthy ingredients can offer restaurants a chance to recapture those add-on sales.”

Drinks can also be an asset for off-premises occasions, as operators can increase check size by offering guests something they can’t find at home. “Providing a great delivery experience is key, so having unique items online is important,” says Hsu. “Ensuring beverage offerings are presented in an attractive way can go a long way in driving guest check.”

Despite these benefits, some operators have been reluctant to rollout specialty programs, because they have traditionally been difficult to manage. Not only do they require prep, a bar, and labor to execute, but ensuring each beverage is consistent can be challenging. However, now, with Botrista’s automated algorithmic technology, any restaurant can offer premium beverage upgrades in just 5 square feet without increasing operational complexity.

“We work closely with our customers to develop a menu that complements their food offerings and achieves their business objectives,” Hsu says. “Our system allows operators to gauge sales and customer feedback to optimize their menus, and our easy-to-use interface lets any staff member, by simply pressing a button, craft house-made beverages in 20 seconds.”

The Halal Guys worked with Botrista to provide a new drink menu for their guests. Andrew Eck, vice president of marketing, says, “Our partnership with Botrista was a way to not only introduce craft beverages in an easily-manageable way, but it offered a way to add some excitement to our beverage program. And because we could rely on Botrista’s craft drink expertise, we were able to optimize for the best flavor combinations for our specific menu and drill down on best sellers.”

Botrista’s flexible BiB format also allows restaurants nearly endless choices for their beverage menus, including beverages such as infused iced teas, flavored lemonades, energy drinks, iced coffees, sparkling beverages, and more. By providing compelling options, restaurants can provide craveable beverages to set them apart from the competition and draw customers back time and again.

“Botrista is your beverage partner—we go beyond offering brands the equipment,” Hsu says. “We’re here to support restaurants. With high quality craft beverages, operators can charge more, leading to larger check size and larger penny profit for each transaction.”

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