Popular Korean fried chicken franchise invests in franchisee growth and success.

Popular Korean Fried Chicken franchise, bb.q Chicken, has been bringing mouth-watering light and crispy Korean fried chicken across the U.S. with its rapid national expansion. Over the last three years, bb.q (pronounced bee-bee-que) has seen 400 percent growth in unit count, and it continues expanding.

Known for its commitment to quality and consistency, bb.q Chicken boasts lighter, crispier, and more flavorful options than traditional American fried chicken, due to its distinct frying method of cooking chicken at a lower temperature. Each team member individually coats and hand brushes the brand’s signature sauces on each piece of chicken, creating the perfect combination of crispy texture and distinctive flavor in every bite.

Authenticity and consistency are core values at bb.q, and the franchise takes pride in ensuring that its fried chicken in Seoul tastes exactly the same as it does at any other location in the world. Many international food brands have “Americanized” their food selections, but that is not the case for bb.q, which strives to offer an authentic Korean culinary experience at all of its more than 160 U.S. locations.

bb.q Chicken


YOY UNIT GROWTH: 43.18 percent

YOY AUV INCREASE: 15.82 percent

Nintey-nine percent of bb.q Chicken’s system is franchise owned, and bb.q Chicken refers to franchisees as a “bb.q family.” Bb.q values each and every franchisee, which is why it has strategically developed a strong support system for new and current franchisees, including an extensive three-week New Store Opening (nso) training program implemented upon signing with the growing brand.

Before every grand opening, bb.q sends out its marketing team to ensure the soft opening and grand opening go smoothly. Bb.q Chicken even sends corporate chefs to help train the employees to properly prepare the Korean fried chicken and other K-Food recipes.

“I feel fully supported by the bb.q corporate team in my own growth plan, starting with my first bb.q venture in Chino Hills, CA, and as I’ve grown to now be a multi-unit operator with five other locations in California,” said John Kim, Chino Hills franchisee. “Bb.q is an expert at franchising, and I definitely see room to grow with the company. The lengths the brand takes to set its franchisees up for success is unmatched, and I am grateful for its continued support.”

Bb.q Chicken also has three different restaurant concepts it offers franchisees, as different concepts might thrive better than others in different markets. The three restaurant formats include: bb.q Chicken Express, bb.q Chicken Café, and bb.q Chicken and Beer.

The franchise is constantly working with its franchisees to better understand how to learn and grow as a bb.q family, and it recently launched a new franchise development campaign to recruit more potential franchisees in several new states as the brand grows its footprint across the country.

For more information, please visit bbqchicken.com.

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