The importance of dependable, outdoor-rated solutions.

According to the Delaget 2020 QSR Operational Index, upwards of 82 percent of sales at a typical quick-service restaurant occurred at the drive thru, an increase from the previous year, which is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. With digital displays presenting a strong impact on the sales of quick-service restaurants, investing in high-quality, outdoor-rated displays for the drive-thru process is extremely important.

As quick serves make efforts to create an efficient ordering process, an important step has been utilizing digital menus as opposed to static menus. Given that visuals are so important, it’s valuable that digital menus are visually appealing, whereas, over time, static menus can become faded and dingy. Digital outdoor displays, in particular, are adaptable to be visible during times of harsh sunlight or after the sun has gone down completely, posing no disruption to customer orders. Additionally, digital menus are easily adjustable in real-time when an item is out of stock, additions to the menu are needed, or a timely, promotional message needs to be communicated. A static display would need to be reprinted and reposted, costing both time and money.

When choosing a digital menuboard, it is crucial to the reliability of the display that it is an outdoor-rated device. An outdoor menuboard is subject to changes in weather and the effects of natural lighting, needing a dependable design to ensure legibility year-round. One of the ways to ensure an outdoor digital display is performing at its peak is to have an optically bonded screen. This screen can provide an easier visual experience and even reduce costs. While keeping natural light in mind, a good outdoor display should also be polarized to ensure any customers wearing sunglasses won’t have any issues viewing the screen. A built-in polarized film ensures the information gets across no matter the weather and can also make the ordering process more efficient for the customer and restaurant. Another central aspect of outdoor-rated displays is their Ingress Protection (IP) rating. Displays with an IP rating of 66 or higher will be waterproof and weatherproof against rain, snow, or other outdoor factors.

Choosing an esteemed manufacturer can also guarantee that these qualifications are met for a digital menuboard. A helpful service team can also provide a seamless installation so operations will not be disrupted.

While digital menuboards seem like a simple addition to quick-service operations, having a dependable, outdoor-rated display from a reputable manufacturer, can provide benefits to the customer experience as well as the success of quick-service sales and performance.

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