These high-tech solutions withstand harsh environments and improve customer experience.

Drive thrus are tough environments for any technology, but in today’s market, operators and franchisees must invest in high-tech solutions to offer a better customer experience and stay competitive. This is especially true in the realm of digital signage, which is not only a key customer touch point, but is also one of the most important ways operators can engage their customers.

Digital signage must meet not only the need for clear, bright imagery, but must also be flexible and reliable. Additionally, it must stand up to the harsh outdoor environment in which they operate.

Here are a few options for durable, high-tech solutions for every drive thru:



1. DSA|Phototech

DSA illuminated and digital drive-thru menu solutions will deliver your message and enhance the customer experience. Our solutions include pre-sell, single, double, and triple panels designed to complete your brand image and improve your return on investment.“For maximum effectiveness, a drive thru should be attractive, initiate an exciting customer experience, create brand recognition, and be easy to service and maintain, and DSA drive-thru solutions meet all of these criteria,” says Robert Creasy, vice president of business development.


2. HyperView

HyperView® digital indoor and outdoor menu displays not only improve the overall look of your restaurant, but they also eliminate the high cost of printing, distribution, and labor required to manage static signs. Best of all, you can adapt the menu by day part, location, or any criteria you choose and present a cleaner, more organized menu that will simplify your guests’ decisions and speed them through the queue. “Everybody’s racing for the same thing: to engage customers through digital signage,” says Scott Marentay, chief operating officer of HyperActive Technologies. “As an Acrelec Company, HyperActive’s digital technology has the ability to do just that. Our global expertise positions us to provide the tools that will help support a brand’s competitive advantage by improving a customer experience and then bringing that customer back to the restaurant.”


3. Peerless-AV

Peerless-AV’s Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Menu Boards and self-serve kiosks are reliable and customizable, ensuring solutions are tailored to meet customer needs. “A business that efficiently provides information and service will prosper in today’s digitally focused landscape,” says Brian McClimans, Vice President of Global Business Development, Peerless-AV. “For QSRs, in particular, menu information needs to be easily accessible and up to date. Implementing self-serve solutions and digital displays enable instant service at the customer’s request.”


4. SICOM Digital Menu Boards

SICOM offers bright, animated, high-tech digital menu boards that can capture significantly more customer attention than standard menu boards. As a truly scalable enterprise-wide solution with 24-7, 365 support, our digital menu boards offer seamless integration with your POS system enabling simultaneous updates of specials, promotions, and pricing to provide consistency and grow sales. “Our Digital Menu Boards deliver the right mix to entertain and inform customers and enable your team to drive sales and positively impact your bottom line.”

Advanced drive-thru signage saves time, money, and engages customers in new and exciting ways. Keep your drive thru up to date with bright new signage that withstands harsh outdoor conditions.

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