With Ziggi's Coffee opening new stores weekly, consistency is key.

With 41 locations across the country, and over 100 stores in development spanning 25 states, Colorado-based Ziggi’s Coffee is a community-focused coffee shop whose mission is to be the best part of their customers’ day. Such rapid growth, however, presents a variety of challenges for the brand, one being consistency across locations.

“Being a new company that is growing quickly, we are always evolving and improving our processes and procedures,” says Dani Wanner, vice president of operations for Ziggi’s. “As hard as we worked to make sure timely information was relayed to individual stores, relying on people to print, share, and repost things was difficult.” 

The pandemic exacerbated those problems. Cleaning and safety protocols, shifting labor needs, and menu consistency became even more important, and the Ziggi’s corporate team knew it needed a more streamlined way to disseminate information to franchisees during such a critical time. Fortunately, Ziggi’s had already partnered with PlayerLync, giving the team the flexibility it needed to keep stakeholders updated.

PlayerLync’s user-friendly mobile workforce enablement platform connects corporate offices to frontline workers, wherever they are located, so that everyone in the company stays on the same page with the most accurate, up-to-date information available. From e-learning materials and limited time offer rollouts to operational checklists and training videos, PlayerLync provides instant access to personalized content for every employee at their point of need.

“Before we had PlayerLync, everything was done using paper copies—there were lots of forms and many stores couldn’t keep up with it,” Wanner says. ”Now, everything is digital. We can update information on the backend here at the office, and it goes to every store. Whether it’s ordering information, cleaning procedures, or new recipes, operators can go to one place and find exactly what they need, knowing the information they pull will be the most accurate and up to date.” 

The video aspect of PlayerLync is especially useful for Ziggi’s. When Wanner creates new drink recipes, for instance, she makes a training video that can be uploaded to PlayerLync and available for the frontline almost immediately. With stores in operation, or development, in 25 states, this functionality dramatically streamlines training, improves employee engagement, and elevates the level of consistency in their stores. 

PlayerLync operates like a user-friendly app—something most restaurant employees are familiar with—but it’s much more than that. It’s also a powerful reporting tool that allows management to better understand what is and isn’t working in their business. Its intuitive interface requires little to no learning curve, which saves time (and money) in terms of training.  

“When we meet with potential franchisees, I show them PlayerLync and talk about these benefits,” Wanner says. “The organization and structure it provides is a big selling point.” Another selling point: The technology is built to scale, so no matter how many devices or locations an operator has—or how many they plan to add—PlayerLync can grow with the business. 

PlayerLync customers typically see employee engagement levels over 90 percent, which helps brands like Ziggi’s deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences, drive productivity, and improve business performance. 

“Being vice president of operations, it’s made my job so much easier,” Wanner says. “The hardest thing about franchising is guaranteeing consistency and making sure things are done to specific standards. PlayerLync ensures our stores operate the way we want them to.” 

To learn more about how PlayerLync can help your brand, visit the company’s website.

By Davina van Buren

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