Welbilt’s KitchenConnect brings together key players in the IoT space.

With ever-evolving operational challenges, it’s never been more important to ensure every kitchen benefits from the latest tech-led solutions. With the right technology in place, brands can manage numerous mounting pressures, from cost increases and staff shortages to supply constraints.

Welbilt’s KitchenConnect is an open-cloud solution which is supported by the largest ecosystem in the foodservice industry – combining strength in numbers with industry-leading expertise. Before meeting the key players in the KitchenConnect ecosystem, explore why Welbilt has the edge in this space.

The foodservice industry is in the midst of the largest digital transformation in history – and Welbilt was first to recognize a need to evolve beyond the common controllers included with traditional equipment. Ease-of-use is an important factor in design and drives efficiency, however harnessing equipment which is connected drives more efficiency while reducing resources. This is critical as staff can focus on what is most important – the customer experience.

Welbilt’s Born Digital strategy helped cultivate products that were plug-and-play for connectivity.  Keeping that model in mind, connecting beyond equipment became central to maximizing a kitchen’s efficiency.

Enter: KitchenConnect, the only culinary focused platform that can be remotely monitored, controlled, and adapted to a brand’s kitchen. It reduces operational costs, increases equipment uptime, and enhances food safety. KitchenConnect’s ecosystem is powered by the biggest digital companies in the Internet of Things (iot) space that will empower Welbilt’s homegrown cloud platform to deliver the ultimate connected restaurant environment for brands.

AT&T provides a global cellular service complete with a professional service team for restaurant connectivity set up. Its SmartHub edge connects all equipment in the restaurant to KitchenConnect. Next up, Bruviti serves an AI-powered customer-service triage and parts-prediction platform for KitchenConnect that delivers superior aftermarket service so operators have the peace of mind and time to focus on the customer.

Best-in-class digital transformation expertise is provided by HCL to integrate end-to-end technologies including cloud, IoT, AI, analytics, and cybersecurity on Welbilt’s unique platform. Microsoft delivers secure edge infrastructure with Azure Sphere and hosts KitchenConnect on the Azure IoT platform for critical insights into kitchen operations.

To fine-tune operations, KitchenConnect is enhanced by Perfect Company to deliver a best-in-class Kitchen Crew Operating System which eliminates food waste, decreases training time, and increases food quality and speed of service. Last but not least, TeamViewer offers a cutting-edge solution for remote service and augmented reality for KitchenConnect products. This unique technology can help reduce training time, simplify repairs, and help self-diagnose issues as they come available for both repairers or kitchen operators—all designed to help increase uptime of equipment.

Working seamlessly together to power KitchenConnect, these best-in-class technology companies deliver complementary and much-needed digital solutions to brands at the highest standard.

Discover more about the award-winning device cloud management solution at welbilt.com.

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