It's a way to cut costs of this item by up to 50 percent

Supply chain disruptions and cost increases have impacted nearly every industry over the last few years, and bulk CO2 for food and beverage services is no exception. Further, demand for CO2 has accelerated via new applications like indoor agriculture and swimming pool pH balancing, while supply has diminished because of high natural gas prices impacting ethanol and CO2 production.

These forces have driven average CO2 prices up nearly 50 percent in just three years, and, at the local scale, supply shortages and price volatility have become common. The impact of these challenges is amplified for smaller scale CO2 users who are often in the worst position to secure good pricing and sufficient supply. Even a restaurant with more than 25 locations is unlikely to have meaningful bargaining power with an industrial gas supplier, and the result is often bad contracts, high costs, and poor service.

Industries with heavy CO2 usage, along with many nationwide chains, have cut total CO2 costs by 25–50 percent and improved uptime by using their own equipment and independent CO2 suppliers. Nacey Group exists entirely to bring those same strategies to small and medium sized food and beverage businesses of about five–25 locations to optimize the cost, availability, and ease of sourcing CO2.

Nacey Group offers independent equipment supply and strategic gas sourcing. Restaurants can take control of equipment through competitive leasing and purchasing options. Available lease options will minimize monthly fees, and lease-to-purchase or purchasing outright will minimize the total cost of long-term ownership (more than 10 years). Nacey Group covers the costs of maintenance for all leasing options.

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Once a restaurant has taken control of its equipment, the Nacey Group’s market insights and experience can be leveraged to negotiate gas sourcing. End-to-end vendor selection and contract negotiation services help restaurants get flexible terms unique to their needs. Relationships with high quality local suppliers ensure great service and response times.

John Green, owner of High Park Tap House in California says, “We began leasing our equipment eight years ago from Nacey Group, and it wasn’t until last year that we encountered mechanical issues. Nacey Group responded immediately to get us back up and running, and they picked up the entire bill as promised when it was purchased. Like all equipment, it finally gave out, and we re-leased new equipment from them. We have used Nacey Group for both our N2 generator and CO2 storage tank, and pricing was lower compared to other distributors we have used in our 23 years of business. Their services have allowed us to control our costs through a stronger negotiation position with our vendors.”

Reach out at or 1-888-710-NACEY (6223) to partner with Nacey Group to take control of CO2 equipment, cut costs, and improve business. 

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