Better-chicken brand incorporates the best of quick service and fast casual for consumers and franchisees.

The lines between fast-casual and quick-service dining are blurring, and Slim Chickens stands out with a winning formula that fuses the best of both worlds. As the current dining landscape is shaped by speed, methods of delivery, and product quality, Slim Chickens seamlessly integrates efficiency without compromising on the quality of its ingredients—including its famous hand-breaded chicken tenders with a cult-like following—and level of service.

To ensure a seamless customer experience, both quick-service and fast-casual restaurant brands rely on technological infrastructure to boost competitiveness and profitability for franchisees. Slim Chickens leads this movement with a cutting-edge tech stack, featuring kiosks, future AI integration at the drive thru, a Slim Chickens loyalty app, and an additional online ordering platform. Consumer emphasis on convenience, driven by off-premises options and the allure of digital ordering, has solidified drive thrus as an indispensable component for brands in the fast-casual and quick-service segment.

With a focus on tech innovation and alignment with consumer preferences, Slim Chickens excels in its robust drive thru, to-go, catering, and third-party delivery services, contributing to over 70 percent of the chain’s sales mix. The brand also takes pride in its loyalty app and online ordering platform—essential tools that quickly fostered a strong following of ‘Slimthusiats.’ Through strategic adjustments to restaurant kitchens and parking spaces, Slim Chickens optimizes the flow for both guests and employees. Implementation of new technologies in the drive thru, coupled with staff armed with order tablets, ensures that the Slim Chickens experience remains effortlessly efficient and satisfying.

Attractive to experienced multi-unit operating groups for its ability to resonate with guests and a top-tier leadership team that prioritizes franchisee support and simple operations, Slim Chickens has gained a reputation for its innovative and flexible strategies, making it a robust brand for generations to take advantage of. 

In 2023, as several externalities continued to plague the industry, investors, and site developers, Slim Chickens expanded its footing to meet consumers and developers where they were through ground-up, conversions, and nontraditional locations. Heading into 2024, Slim Chickens takes its 53 restaurant openings, the largest performance for the brand thus far, as a testament to what it will accomplish with over 400 development deals signed in the last two years and as more operators look for answers in a new era of dining, quick service and guest’s preferences for experiential dining and differentiated menu items. 

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  • AUV: $3.8 million* 
  • Units open: More than 250
  • Units in development: 1,200
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