Drive-thru technology helps restaurants better serve customers and drive sales.

With an estimated 60–70 percent of quick-service business passing through the drive-thru window, it is critical for brands to get every aspect right. Everything guests see from signage to menuboards must to be easy to read, impactful, and durable to stand up to the demands of the drive thru. Additionally, during peak hours, restaurants cannot afford mistakes and miscommunications due to equipment malfunctions. Gear, such as headsets, speakers, and screens must be accurate and clear at all times, or else quick serves run the risk of alienating customers.

But not every restaurant is the same. A solution that works for one restaurant may not fit the demands of another. This makes it vital for restaurants to partner with strong vendors who can not only supply reliable and durable drive-thru equipment, but that can also help brands assess which products are the right fit for their businesses.

These resources can help restaurant leaders find the right solutions for their businesses.



SICOM Drive-Thru Director accurately monitors and manages traffic throughput to transform the high-volume drive thru from a 10-car pileup into a streamlined, revenue-generating machine. Equipped with accurate sensor-based data inputs, a real-time animated drive-thru visualization, Rack-N-Stack cross-restaurant performance leaderboard, and intuitive service reports, Drive-Thru Director is purpose-built to provide the functionality quick-service restaurants need to deliver better food, faster than ever before. Singularly focused on serving the unique needs of quick-service establishments, SICOM has a proven track record of assisting leading brands, franchises, and restaurants around the world in successfully transforming speed of service into a source of differentiation.

NEC Display

2. NEC Display

NEC Display manufactures robust displays that can make drive-thru experiences interactive while still standing up to the worst that nature can throw at them. From scorching heat to freezing cold, in torrential rain or in exposure to blunt abuse, NEC displays will endure through conditions that restaurateurs can expect a drive-thru menu to face. Maintenance is a breeze, too. NEC displays enhance the experience by keeping customers engaged. “Engagement is first when it comes to drive thru signage, leading to boosted reviews, loyalty, and sales,” says Richard Ventura, vice president of business development and solutions at NEC Display.


3. DSA

DSA illuminated and digital drive-thru menu solutions will deliver your message and enhance the customer experience. Our solutions include pre-sell, single, double, and triple panels designed to complete your brand image and improve your ROI. “For maximum effectiveness, a drive thru should be attractive, initiate an exciting customer experience, create brand recognition, and be easy to service and maintain, and DSA drive-thru solutions meet all of these criteria,” says Robert Creasy, vice president of business development at DSA.

R.F. Technologies, Inc.<

4. R.F. Technologies, Inc.

R.F. Technologies, Inc. has been serving excellence to the drive-thru industry for over 28 years. RFT is committed to delivering quality products at competitive prices in a timely manner. We have served over 50,000 corporate and franchise quick-service restaurants in the U.S. and internationally. We offer same day service repairs from coast to cost. All repairs include 4-month/120-day parts and labor warranty, free inbound shipping, and free unlimited technical support. “Our customers are the most important part of our business,” says Fiona Noorian, COO of RFT. “Our customer-centric attitude and innovative spirit are the reasons why we have been able to serve our customers for over 28 years.”

Everbrite Digital Solutions

5. Everbrite Digital Solutions

Everbrite cost-effectively applies innovation, technology, and experience to allow your brand to succeed in today’s competitive digital marketplace. We proudly provide world-class solutions for digital display systems and exterior digital menu system applications. Everbritecan create your total digital system, including hardware, software, content creation, management, distribution, installation, project management, and 24/7/365 customer service support. For well over a decade, we have been manufacturing and installing digital signage solutions to leading international companies, organizations, and institutions to provide a better guest experience. We have the knowledge and skills to ensure all of your digital needs meet or exceed your expectations.

Ready Access

6. Ready Access

Ready Access Drive-Thru/Pass-Thru windows and air curtains are specified by the largest quick-service chains worldwide because they “self-close” to keep insects, car fumes, and heat out of the kitchen. Ready Access has patented operating systems including gravity fed and motorized designs. “We are seeing increased demand for the Manual Open/Electronic Release (MOER) magnetic hold-open feature, and the Fully Automatic Electric designs so operators have both hands free to serve customers,” says Dan Radek, operations director at Ready Access. Please call or browse our website for available configurations, including hurricane-rated, and CA restricted opening transaction systems.


7. EMX

Cut installation time and costs, not loops! The USVD-4X is an ultrasonic loop-less vehicle sensor that reliably detects cars in applications where it is too expensive or difficult to cut loops. “With a simple set-up, installation is cost effective and hassle-free, ” says Bill Letterle, senior engineer at EMX. “The USVD-4X will streamline your drive-thru operations.” Simply mount the unit on a post or order box and point toward the location that the vehicle would pass to initiate a transaction. No additional set-up or adjustments are needed. The USVD-4X is the go-to choice for fast food, parking, banking, pharmacy and carwash applications.

SOAR an LSI Solution

8. SOAR an LSI Solution

Create organic customer engagement, experience operational efficiencies, and increase sales with digital signage solutions for the drive-thru by SOAR. Our end-to-end approach integrates a portfolio of technologies and in-house services that are geared for the physical environment as well as your unique needs and brand objectives, which are important to the long-term success of the program. “We work with customers who have been down the path with companies that don’t have the financial strength, bandwidth, partners, or ownership over the key aspects of the digital signage system to maximize effectiveness. They decide to look for a partner who can bring everything together, who understands the unique needs of the marketplace and who will be there after the initial deployment with expertise and 24/7 service and support,” says Dave Moeglin, operating director at SOAR.

911 System

9. 911 Systems

Gather customer insights by tracking license plates on customer cars as they enter and exit your restaurant to provide unprecedented customer insights:

   • New versus repeat customers

   • Drive-through wait time

   • Frequency of visits across all locations

   • Brand loyalty

Unlocking your customer metrics provides your team the ability to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns, store operations, and customer satisfaction in real time while automating your reward program. Get the full presentation:

Acrelec America

10. Acrelec America

Acrelec gives you the power to maximize throughput within your drive-thru, without compromising the customer experience. For restaurants large and small:

   • Our products provide real time, meaningful data to both enterprise and store level associates.

   • Our solutions guide your customer from beginning-to-end, providing a seamless transition whether the order comes from an app, online, or within the traditional drive-thru queue.

   • Our innovations bring to life your strategies, from inception through implementation, Acrelec ensures your brands’ accelerated success.

From drive thru management systems to digital displays, we know drive-thru.  Call Acrelec today.

From menuboards and signage to visual and audio communications, customers expect the drive-thru experience to be quick, easy to navigate, and consistent across chains. Finding the right hardware and software solutions can help brands not only serve their guests quickly and accurately, but also help them to shine in a crowded market.

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