Outgrowing Quickbooks and operational challenges.

In the heart of East Texas, Chris Johnson, the owner of Whataburger franchisee GVCS, is continuing his family’s legacy. With a history in the business from childhood, Johnson’s journey reflects the evolution of GVCS from a handful of stores into a flourishing organization. However, with growth came challenges, particularly in managing finances and operations efficiently.

As GVCS expanded from five to 12 stores between 2005 and 2012, the limitations of QuickBooks became evident. Managing multiple entities, laboriously logging in and out of files, and the lack of consolidated reporting made it difficult to track and improve profitability, making it clear that a more sophisticated solution was needed to propel the business forward. “We knew at the point that we had 12 stores it was challenging,” says Johnson. “When I’m done with our area development agreement, I’ll be up to 38 stores. I couldn’t run 38 stores on QuickBooks.”

“I’m able to do everything I want to with Restaurant365. As far as food management goes, I think we’re tighter and closer to numbers than ever,” says Johnson.

Shortly after taking Whataburger’s headquarter’s recommendation and implementing R365, Johnson recognized how an integrated, all-in-one system could not only handle the complexities of a rapidly growing franchise group but could give leaders at all levels the ability to dig into the details of the business to drive profitability. “We started with Restaurant365 in November 2021. With QuickBooks, we wasted so much time logging out of a company file and going into a company file. We couldn’t do consolidated reports,” says Johnson. The switch to Restaurant365 marked a turning point, providing a one-stop solution for financial management, reporting, and operational efficiency.

The impact of Restaurant365 on GVCS’s operations was swift and substantial. “It brought us to another level as far as getting financials,” says Johnson. “Now I can automate. I’m able to do quickly what took me hours with QuickBooks.” With the ability to generate consolidated reports, efficiently manage food costs, and automate previously time-consuming tasks, GVCS could redirect its focus toward expansion. The advanced flash report and daily analysis of P&L and balance sheets provided crucial insights, allowing for better decision-making and improved financial control

As GVCS continues its ambitious growth plan, Restaurant365’s seamless integration of financial management, operational efficiency, and scalability has empowered it to overcome challenges and achieve new heights. For GVCS, Restaurant365 isn’t just a solution; it’s the secret ingredient that has turned their business into a recipe for success. “I couldn’t grow my business without Restaurant365,” says Johnson. “It’s hard to have different systems for everything, especially when you’re growing quickly.”

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