Starting the season with a splash, Bolay Fresh Bold Kitchen is launching Summer Sip & Sizzle, their first limited-time pairing offered June 29-August 31 at all locations. The pairing introduces two new menu items, the Summer BBQ Bol from Bolay’s fresh-dining experts and the Strawberry Dragonfruit Fresca from Tractor Beverage Co., a leading creator of high-quality craft drinks made with organic, non-GMO ingredients. The perfect refreshers for a lazy summer day, both items together offer healthy nutrition, a splash of fun and value pricing – just $8.99 for the Summer BBQ Bol and $1.50 for the Strawberry Dragonfruit Fresca. This new flavor combination is designed to transport guests to their favorite summertime destination.

The Summer BBQ Bol follows the Bolay recipe of filling a “bol” with a nutrient-rich assortment of flavorful ingredients, from tasty proteins to crunchy veggies and savory sauces. This chef-crafted bol is built with Jasmine Rice, Chopped Kale Salad, Fire-Roasted Corn, BBQ Chicken and Pickled Red Onion, all topped with Creamy Garlic Sauce.  The other half of the delicious duo, Tractor’s Strawberry Dragonfruit Fresca, is a rising tide of island flavors: sweet strawberries and dragonfruit with notes of juicy pomegranate and black cherry in every sip.

Summer Sip & Sizzle will be available for dine in or takeout for anyone who needs a quick, fresh and delicious meal on the go.

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