Crumbl Cookies has announced modifications to the weekly menu. Crumbl’s Milk Chocolate Chip cookie will now alternate with Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk each week and the Classic Pink Sugar cookie will move to the rotating menu.

The changes come after Crumbl reviewed customer feedback from online reviews, social media engagement, and the cookie Journal—an update on the Crumbl App where customers can rate cookies and publish opinions for every Crumbl cookie. Crumbl’s menu change comes directly from customer feedback evaluation.

Sweet vs. Salty

Feeling sweet? Feeling salty? Why not both? Now customers can have their cookie and eat it too. Each week the semi-sweet and milk chocolate chip cookies will rotate so lovers of each flavor can choose their favorite classic!

Why did Crumbl make this change? Crumbl listens to the voices of cookie connoisseurs across a variety of platforms. Aside from social media, online reviews, DMs, and other customer feedback channels, Crumbl now offers the Cookie Journal, a place to be heard through the Crumbl App. In the Cookie Journal, the cookie flavor rating feature, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk is a top-rated cookie.

Weekly Rotation

Since opening its doors, Crumbl has created over 500 unique recipes and currently rotates over 200 flavors for its weekly lineup. With so many cookies to share, Crumbl seeks to provide customers with more opportunities to enjoy their favorites and make room for new flavors.

In expanding the rotation from four to five rotating cookies, the Classic Pink Sugar cookie will join the weekly rotating menu along with other specialty flavors.

Keep Talking. Crumbl Listens!

The conversation is ongoing! Crumbl is dedicated to the continual development of flavor options that are based on customer voices. Customers are invited to join other cookie lovers on the Crumbl App to share thoughts about each flavor.

With new flavors rotating each week, customers can also sign up for Crumbl’s Taste Weekly subscription so as to never miss out on new releases and old favorites! Learn more on Crumbl’s website or download the Crumbl App.

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