Thanx, the leading loyalty and digital guest engagement platform for restaurants, announced Thanx cart abandonment marketing automations that recapture lost revenue from incomplete first-party digital orders. The new tools — most commonly seen in ecommerce but also regularly utilized by Doordash and Uber Eats — take advantage of Thanx’s unique position as the provider of both best-in-class ordering user experiences (mobile applications and websites) and loyalty/CRM software.

Once activated by a restaurant, Thanx cart abandonment campaigns automatically trigger whenever a consumer adds items to their cart on the restaurant’s website or app but fails to complete the purchase. That consumer’s cart is preserved and a personalized message is automatically triggered — with or without an incentive — encouraging the consumer to complete the purchase at a later time, for instance at lunch the following day. In ecommerce, cart abandonment emails recover more than 10% of incomplete purchases.

“Restaurants are habitual businesses. If a consumer got far enough in their purchase journey to add items to their cart for lunch or dinner but didn’t end up converting, there’s a high likelihood that the restaurant is still in the consideration set the next day. The customer just needs the right prompt at the right time. Historically, this has been too hard for marketers to execute because it requires deep integration between two disparate systems — ordering and CRM. But Thanx does both, so we’ve turned this complex journey into one click to activate,” says Thanx CEO and Founder Zach Goldstein.

Thanx ordering user experiences are built atop industry-leading order management technology such as Olo — the two brands announced that Thanx was Olo’s first Olo Connect loyalty partner earlier this year. Thanx provides detailed reporting on cart conversion in restaurant dashboards, with industry-leading conversion rates averaging nearly 80% across app and web. In addition to cart abandonment marketing campaigns, Thanx also reports on location-specific ordering errors — even those originating at the point-of-sale — to allow brands to make operational changes that further optimize cart conversion.

Thanx customers are already using and finding value in the Cart Abandonment feature:

Sweetfin President Seth Cohen says, “Driving customers to our Sweetfin direct ordering channels is critical for our growth; as such, we always want to make ordering as frictionless as possible to maximize repeat purchasing. Thanx’s new cart abandonment automations allow us to grow revenue without adding any overhead to our team.” 

Bottleneck Management restaurant group CMO Angela Zoiss says, “Thanx’s cart abandonment and cart conversion data shed light on previously undiscovered revenue opportunities. Given the complexity of various ordering scenarios and guest preferences, we place our trust in Thanx’s technology to guide us toward continuous improvement. Ultimately, our mission is to ensure a seamless and hospitable online experience that mirrors the exceptional service we provide in-house, fostering loyalty and satisfaction among our valued guests.”

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