Freshëns, the largest frozen yogurt and smoothie company in the country with more than 850 locations, launched 26 new college campus locations with the new brand design and healthy menu.

Some new campus locations include those at the University of Washington, Washington State University, Arizona State University, Villanova, the University of South Carolina, and Missouri State University.

"WSU is a very eco-conscious university, so when students asked for a smoothie or yogurt concept, Freshens was the perfect choice for our needs," says Gary Coyle, director of dining for Washing State University.

"The customer reaction has been overwhelming. In fact, we had to change our hours to open earlier because the demand was so high," Coyle says. "Our sales have exceeded expectations and Freshens is one of the most popular platforms on campus."

Freshëns also launched a multi-store digital marketing campaign for each Grand Opening. The campaign included targeted paid media to recruit fans to attend a VIP Smoothie sampling party. The campaign was a huge success, even going viral on campuses, generating 1,200+ “likes” and comments.  

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