Shipley Do-Nuts, one of the nation’s oldest and largest do-nut brands, has debuted freeze-dried SKITTLES on its first-ever limited-time offering, the new POPTASTIC do-nut. Shipley is the first brand in the nation to feature the tasty new foodservice product from Mars, makers of SKITTLES. 

The POPTASTIC do-nut is a classic yeast do-nut with strawberry or cherry icing, topped with tangy, fruity freeze-dried SKITTLES, bringing a light-as-air crunchy texture to the famed hexagon-shaped Shipley do-nut known for its fluffiness. It is available at all Shipley Do-Nuts locations through March 31 or while supplies last. 

“For our first limited-time do-nut in our 88-year history, we wanted to create something truly unique, and the new freeze-dried SKITTLES definitely fit the bill, adding a tantalizing, tangy crunch to our beloved strawberry and cherry iced do-nuts,” says Shipley Do-Nuts Research and Development Chef Kaitlyn Venable. “This is just the start of a new flavor innovation journey for Shipley, and we have more surprises in store for our guests in 2024.” 

The new POPTASTIC do-nut can be ordered in-store or online at for pickup or delivery. For nearby locations, go to 

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