Antunes, a family owned and operated company specializing in the manufacturing of foodservice equipment, recently acquired StoreLynk, a Cincinnati-based technology company.

Antunes finalized the purchase of StoreLynk on June 21 following growing demand for the company’s “connected kitchen” platform in the foodservice industry. Designed specifically for restaurants and food vendors, the StoreLynk cloud-based analytics platform simplifies the integration of sensors and Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled equipment that transforms the data into a dashboard for reporting purposes. The technology supports an operation’s standardized actions and procedures.

“We are excited to welcome StoreLynk and its groundbreaking connected kitchen capabilities to the Antunes family,” says Glenn Bullock, Antunes CEO. “This expansion represents a new chapter for our commitment to customer success in the rapidly modernizing foodservice industry.”

Antunes formed an initial alliance with StoreLynk in 2017 as the two organizations began development of IoT-enabled equipment connected through a central analytics hub.

“The StoreLynk platform has proven to help foodservice operators improve food safety, food quality and store operations,” says Daniel Schmidt, Antunes Director of Strategic Operations. “By harnessing data with StoreLynk’s platform at the equipment, store and regional levels, we can help gain more accurate and timely information to help grow their businesses more profitably.”

StoreLynk’s capabilities range from temperature monitoring and equipment management to food safety compliance and employee activity management. Using a network of in-store sensors, equipment, and mobile devices, the platform allows operators to gather and analyze key performance data to manage the quality, consistency, and safety of their operations.

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