Boston-based boloco, which has 17 locations throughout New England, rolled out its new online ordering app for iPhones. Mobilaurus, an app company that creates mobile ordering and ticketing solutions, built the app so that boloco customers can order from their iPhone, pay ahead, and skip the line entirely.

“Reality is that some people would prefer not to wait in any size line—ever,” says John Pepper, CEO. “They don't want to micro-manage their ingredients every visit. They want to push a few buttons, let our teams do their things, and listen to their name.”

Once the free app is downloaded—it’s available for download on iTunes—customers simply enter their information once, such as name, boloco card number, and credit card information. To enhance security, boloco requires guests to create a PIN, used whenever accessing credit card info.

Guests then select the location they would like to order from, and if directions are needed, the app integrates with Google Maps. Customers select menu choices and allows them to save menu items they order the most frequently.

Upon finalizing the order, the guest confirms payment and pickup time. Guests can then skip the line and go directly to a hand-off area to receive their order.

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