Grabbagreen, the Scottsdale, Arizona–based restaurant concept known for its super ingredient-inspired menu and fast atmosphere, announced a three-store development deal in Dallas with franchise partner 3MUnited LLC. This announcement marks the very first franchise agreement since Grabbagreen launched their franchise opportunity at the end of April.

"We are excited to welcome 3MUnited on board as our first franchise partner at Grabbagreen," says Kim Cramton, vice president of operations and franchise development. "Our team has been laser focused on elevating the brand's expansion strategy and positioning the company for nationwide growth in 2015. We are confident our new franchise partners share our passion in the healthy fast food movement and their expertise will benefit the Grabbagreen team greatly. As we move into the second half of the year, we look forward to maintaining this momentum and propelling our presence across the country."

Grabbagreen’s preservative-free, naturally gluten-free, no-GMO, whole-food menu offers a full selection of fresh juice, handcrafted smoothies, hot grains, cold greens, and fresh no hormone or antibiotic proteins provided by local farms. All signature menu items are prepared fresh, made to order, and provide a delicious experience for customers and a variety of flavors to meet dietary needs.

The breakfast menu is packed full of clean options, and one-, two-, and three-day detox juice packages are also available for pick up. The concept was built on the foundation of moms and childhood friends, Keely Newman and Kelley Bird, who were in the search of healthy food on the go. After realizing the demand in the marketplace they opened their first Grabbagreen location in 2013, growing the concept to three company-owned stores in less than two years.

"Our vision from day one has been to lead the charge in making healthy food, fast, and it is so gratifying to have great brand builders standing behind us," says Newman, president and CEO. "The entrance into Texas is significant for Grabbagreen and we are excited to be involved in such a huge cultural shift where people are constantly looking for healthy food choices that are convenient, quick and taste great." 

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