B.GOOD introduced two new Asian-inspired products, the Spicy Korean Bowl and the Korean Burger, which will join the menu at all 69 U.S. and Canada locations for a limited time only:

  • Spicy Korean Bowl: roasted watermelon, kimchi, avocado, super grains, spicy slaw, mixed greens, scallions, crispy rice, gochujang aioli
  • Korean Burger: beef, kimchi, avocado, lettuce, gochujang aioli

The new menu items, which incorporate authentic, Korean flavors such as gochujang and kimchi, exemplify how B.GOOD is pushing the boundaries on fast casual fare. Not only is the chain bringing kimchi, an ingredient more commonly found on fine dining menus, to the masses, but they’re offering a kelp-based kimchi from Atlantic Sea Farms, which is one of the most sustainable things to eat. Kelp is a zero-input food source that’s been shown to improve water quality and de-acidify the ocean by removing nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon dioxide.

In addition to the inclusion of kimchi, the Spicy Korean Bowl delivers a plant-forward twist on a traditional poke bowl, leveraging roasted watermelon in lieu of tuna.

“At B.GOOD, we’re constantly testing and developing menu items with an eye towards culinary innovation – like incorporating ingredients in unconventional ways, drawing upon craveable global flavors and offering guests a more sustainable way to eat,” says Linh Aven, executive chef, B.GOOD. “I’m particularly excited to partner with Atlantic Sea Farms on this product launch by incorporating their kelp kimchi [Sea-Chi] into these dishes – it’s good for you, good for the planet and, of course, it tastes great.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with B.GOOD and bring our Sea-Chi to the fast casual market,” adds Briana Warner, Chief Executive Officer, Atlantic Sea Farms. “Beyond its environmental and health benefits, kelp helps improve communities by providing income to fisherman during the off-season – all attributes that support B.GOOD’s mission of inspiring goodness in every sense of the word.”

The sustainably minded menu items come on the heels of B.GOOD’s new Flexitarian Burgers, which hit menus earlier this month.

Now, consumers can order the Spicy Korean Bowl and Korean Burger exclusively through the B.GOOD app or online ordering – they’ll be available for purchase in-store beginning November 4 through December.

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